Annapurna  Hospitality

The success of Annapurna Hospitality is thanks to the commitment and relentless efforts of our dedicated team.

We maintain a superior quality catering service with highest standards in quality-control, nutrition, hygiene, service and delivery – round the clock, round the year. The secret to our motivation is your smile, acknowledging that we have exceeded.

Our chefs choose each item individually to ensure quality of ingredients. Each meal – at any time of the day for any number of people – is well thought out, with special attention to great taste and nutritive value, avoiding excess spices, oil & preservatives, while satisfying a deserving palate.

We recognize that each client has a unique approach to business, therefore our services are individual to each organisation. You will deal directly with our company directors; this approach pays dividends simply because decisions are taken and implemented swiftly and there is no need to refer issues to a higher level of management. Since our company directors are also the business owners it is very much in our interests to provide a responsive and supportive role in helping our colleagues deliver the best possible service for our clients.


Delivering Highest Standards of Excellence in Catering. We provide Catering Services to Indoor Catering, Outdoor catering and Corporate for all kinds of non-corporate events. We provide Hygenic Catering without compromise on Taste & Quality. Small/Large we cook them all at Affordable Price.


We will help you run things smoothly, we identify target areas and help you troubleshoot them, areas that include clients, staff, profits and even marketing. Our dedication and commitment to quality, hygiene has earned us a loyal following among our clientele.


A strong framework for hotel operations, We are always available to discuss your needs and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Food costs, inventory tracking, staff scheduling, food production, customer service and marketing are part of restaurant management.