The brand ‘Annapurna Hospitality’ is well known in the hospitality business. Be it restaurants or catering services, we have left a mark in every sector of hospitality with our meritorious contribution. Annapurna Hospitality is the proud owner of boutique hotels, chain of restaurants, catering services, and party venue. We have offered our catering services to international conferences and events held all the places.

“Excellence in every service” is a motto Annapurna Hospitality lives by. Annapurna Hospitality is a leading hospitality company in India rendering top notch quality services in different sectors of the hospitality industry. The group started its venture into the hospitality industry with one restaurant in Tumkur. Now, the group offers services in lodging, catering, and dining industry.

Annapurna Hospitality consists of a team of well trained and knowledgeable
individuals who strive to offer the best of everything.

We know the key to success in the hospitality industry is customer satisfaction and aim
to achieve the same with every service we offer.