The Afri-Caribbean Resource Group (AFCRG) is a diversified multi-national coalition created to meet the demand of multiple market sectors including real estate, technology, finance, security, manufacturing, consulting, etc. Through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions, we are able to attain a high level of visibility into rapidly moving industries allowing us to realize significant market share. Globalization has led to the need for companies to look beyond national borders to realize stronger returns from foreign markets. AFCRG and its partners bring together more than a century of broad business experience. By using an integrated and systematic approach to corporate growth and development AFCRG creates an ideal environment for rapid growth while maintaining excellent risk management and corporate governance for all of its partners.

AFCRG is structured as a holding company with majority and minority equity positions in other focused service-oriented corporations. This structure allows AFCRG to operate with maximum efficiencies. AFCRG is the parent company in a consortium of companies operating in a network organization model as opposed to a hierarchical model. AFCRG serves as the central corporation in a network of companies focused on sustainable solutions. The network model leads from the center out instead of following a top down approach. Each employee, contractor, and strategic partner receives direction, responsibility and authority for assigned tasks and then operates in coordination with an AFCRG executive or manager. Through the network organizational model, AFCRG has established a consortium of corporations that operate with a level of efficiency that cannot be matched by larger companies with traditional hierarchical corporate structures. This approach has established an increase in innovation as each entity understands its part of the over-arching team effort. AFCRG will primarily provide centralized corporate direction and the required investment capital. As a central company, AFCRG will benefit from all activities in which it participates. AFCRG will continue to develop innovative solutions to community problems and retains joint ownership of all intellectual property that is created by AFCRG engineers, designers, scientists, contractors, joint ventures, and subsidiaries.

AFCRG shall be positioned as a leader in the diversified corporate holdings space.

AFCRG believes in organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic partnerships. The AFCRG advantage — proven, results-driven leadership, combined with access to diversified capital sources. In addition to reaping substantial profits for our investors, AFCRG believes in being good corporate citizens. Our business units are environmentally and socially conscious. We believe that our various companies can be both profitable and Earth-friendly at the same time. AFCRG is committed to applying corporate guidance to deliver the ideal solution; customized to fit each subsidiary company’s project in a unique, honest, and ethical manner that is consistent with the company’s long-term vision.

Historically, the company’s founders have participated in Real Estate Development, Construction, Telecommunications, Corporate Finance, Investments, Security, Energy, Manufacturing and Information Technology. AFCRG capitalizes on these combined experiences to gain rapid exposure and market share in these multiple industry sectors. AFCRG is committed to applying corporate guidance to deliver the ideal solution; customized to fit each subsidiary company or strategic partners project in a unique, honest, and ethical manner that is consistent with the company’s long-term vision. By leveraging a single set of operational processes, AFCRG reduces the overhead for each partner, which contributes to the overall profitability of each company. AFCRG companies and partners include a diverse range of businesses with a very diverse focus. AFCRG’s efficiencies will support the establishment of a dominant position in multiple underserved markets. Through its partners and subsidiaries, AFCRG can uniquely and rapidly satisfy the basic infrastructure needs such as roads, water, sewer, electricity and telecommunications for each community it develops. The very best value land acquisition opportunities exist where infrastructure has not been installed. Our partners and subsidiary companies have been providing engineering and infrastructure planning services for the past 34 years and have developed a systematic approach to plan, implement and manage projects of all sizes. AFCRG subsidiaries have developed specific management tools, software, systems and procedures to effectively manage and control these diverse development, infrastructure, technology projects, etc.