AFCRG TRADING – Commodities trading company specializing mainly in Crude, Refined Fuels and Agricultural trading that will maintain offices in the U.S., Dubai, Ethiopia, Ghana and the Dominican Republic.

ENERGREEN POWER SOLOUTIONS (EPS) –Energy Solutions company with focus on sustainable fuel and energy solutions ranging from Waste to Energy to Biodiesel to Solar. This company will maintain offices in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Barbados.

PHENIX GLOBAL INVESTMENT BANK –Private Bank that will be established in the first quarter of 2017 in order to allow AFCRG to facilitate an In House funding mechanism for all projects embarked upon by the collective group and its members. This private bank will eventually play the role of parent company to a Credit Union type structure that will be utilized initially for the purpose of giving banking access to employees of AFCRG (local employees) that typically do not have access to these services. This Credit Union type establishment will be utilized to process all transactions (payroll, etc.).

ORGANICA AGRO –Organica Agro will be responsible for all agricultural related business done by AFCRG with the exception of trading. The company will be responsible for all growing, cultivating, animal husbandry, dairy, food processing and packaging. The goal of Organica Agro is to produce a minimum of 50 million pounds of agricultural products for any and all countries where AFCRG chooses to engage in this sector.