The Afri-Caribbean Resource Group (AFCRG) is a diversified multi-national coalition created to meet the demand of multiple market sectors including real estate, technology, finance, security, manufacturing, consulting, etc. Through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions, we are able to attain a high level of visibility into rapidly moving industries allowing us to realize significant market share. Globalization has led to the need for companies to look beyond national borders to realize stronger returns from foreign markets. AFCRG and its partners bring together more than a century of broad business experience.


AFCRG shall be positioned as a leader in the diversified corporate holdings space. We shall stand out as a firm that reaches deep into multiple market sectors to deliver a wide range of services and solutions, while building wealth for its shareholders. AFCRG shall make fiscally responsible and strategically sound investments in real estate, technology, energy, green products, and niche service companies to accomplish the AFCRG mission.


  • Agriculture

  • Banking And Finance

  • Commodities And Trade

  • Community Relations

  • Construction

  • Consulting

  • Due Diligence Investigations

  • Research And Development

  • Utilities And Infrastrcuture

  • Product Marketing

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy

  • Import/Export

  • Government Liason

  • Real Estate Development

  • Risk Management

  • Project Financing